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The best CRM for QuickBooks Online

Why? Because our seamless integration delivers productivity — no rekeying of customer information — and enables you to use the Quickbooks sales data to drive increased sales and deliver better service. Your sales team can see their customers' buying history without needing to be logged in to QuickBooks Online.

Import Customers and Suppliers, and keep them in sync

Our seamless integration with QuickBooks Online enables you to import Customers and Suppliers, and create new customers in QuickBooks Online. You can synchronize on-demand or automatically daily, and you can specify specify the direction of address updates.

See financial summaries, balances and invoices

When you view a QuickBooks customer in Legrand CRM you'll see their current balances, recent sales summaries and the list of all their invoices.   You can easily search for customers that meet certain criteria in sales or aged balances — simply click on the search icon and specify your condition; e.g. list all customers that have an outstanding balance of more than $1,000.

View invoice history

Legrand CRM gives you the full list of sales invoices for each customer. As you are on the phone to the customer you can immediately see which invoices are outstanding. You can also add notes and attach documents to an invoice in Legrand CRM.   You may ask why, when this functionality is also available in QuickBooks? The answer is that not everyone in your team may have a QuickBooks user login.  For better customer service it may therefore be more convenient to link documents to the invoice record in Legrand CRM.

Send personalized emails to customers

Enhance customer loyalty by thanking them regularly for their business. Use the eTemplate editor to create standard 'Thank You' email templates that can be sent out to customers who reach certain milestones; e.g. customers who buy more than $10,000 in a month or customers who spent more than $50,000 in a year.


You may not want all your people to have access to the accounting information that is stored in Legrand CRM.  Define User Permissions for every person in your team to control whether they can view the accounting data and execute commands.