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Legrand CRM integrates with a number of popular business systems to provide maximum producitvity and minimize data duplication or rekeying.

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Microsoft Outlook

The Legrand CRM Outlook AddIn is a key productivity tool that provides a live connection between Microsoft Outlook and your CRM data. With the Outlook AddIn you can immediately action an important email, be it a hot new lead or an urgent request from a major customer.

QuickBooks Online

Our seamless integration with QuickBooks Online provides quick and easy access to financial summaries and QuickBooks Online invoices from within Legrand CRM.  Customer sales and payment transactions can be synchronized automatically (daily or twice-daily), or on-demand.

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Our seamless integration with XERO provides quick and easy access to financial summaries and XERO invoices from within Legrand CRM. Your team instantly has the full picture when dealing with customer queries.

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SmartVault gives you secure and easy-to-use Online Document Storage that's built for businesses. SmartVault integrates with both QuickBooks Online and XERO, and so does Legrand CRM! SmartVault is the only solution for QuickBooks Online that lets you attach and view source documents (receipts, bills, invoices, employee records) to transactions inside of QuickBooks Online. Any document added via SmartVault to a customer transaction in QuickBooks is also visible and accessible in Legrand CRM.