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Who said a powerful CRM solution has to be complex?
Deceptively easy to learn and use, Legrand CRM includes plenty of
features that will enhance the productivity of your team.
Our screens are uncluttered and logical.  Information is easy to find. Accounting integration is seamless.   Email integration is included. It's all so easy!

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Businesses and consumers

Companies and Contacts

Legrand CRM is equally at ease managing relationships with companies as with individual consumers. Company and contact information are stored separately. This means that company-specific information is only stored once and is not replicated for every contact. Appointments, Activity Notes and Opportunities/Projects can be linked to multiple companies and individuals, enabling you to track everyone who is involved.

Accounting Integration

Our deep integration with QuickBooks Online and XERO enables you to see your customer’s sales summaries and detailed sales transactions within Legrand CRM. With that information at their fingertips your team can better respond to sales and service queries without needing full access to the accounting system.

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keyword tags

List Management

Legrand CRM is simply great at list management - segmenting your companies and contacts into multiple lists. For instance, keyword Tags enable you to create lists of records that share a common information, classification or property. You could use tags to create mailing lists of people interested in a particular product range, or people that are

Customize your data fields

Legrand CRM provides a “drag and drop” layout editor that requires no coding.
It's really easy to add user fields, select their type (text, date, dropdown, checkbox or number) and specify their caption. Of course, User Permissions control which team members have access to this function.

Customize your data
Keep your eye on sales opportunities

Keep your eye on sales activities

Our pipeline dashboard gives you a great visual on active opportunities, while our activity reporting let's you monitor what the sales team is doing. You can filter the pipeline based on a variety of criteria, such as territory and Account Manager.


The Jobs module enables you to define Job templates that contain a series of tasks that have to be performed. Each task can have an estimated (or budgetted) duration. Create Time Records to track actual time used and billable time.

Next Job Tasks for team member

Send personalized emails

Create standard email templates to ensure consistency in communications for such tasks as responding to sales leads or sending out 'Thank You' emails to new customers.

Task Management and Scheduling

Our calendar and task management functions enable you to view your team’s planned activities, schedule resources and set priorities. Calendar events can be linked to multiple contacts in the database.

Outlook integration

Outlook integration — No lost leads

Let's face it, we all spend a lot of our day using email. With the Legrand CRM Outlook AddIn you can immediately action an important email, be it a hot new lead or an urgent request from a major customer. Our Outlook AddIn is a key productivity tool that provides a live connection between Microsoft Outlook and your CRM data. It enables you to view the CRM information you have about the email's sender, transfer emails to CRM and create contacts, companies, activity notes and tasks in CRM.