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Our guiding principles

Here at the Legrand Group we are motivated by a pretty simple set of principles. Give businesses useful tools that help them get the job done. Ease-of use is of utmost importance. Practicality and functionality are key.

We've applied these principles to the development of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that is practical, intuitive, full of powerful features, flexible and is easy to integrate with your accounting system, web site and other business applications.

We believe that any business implementing a new CRM system should start seeing the benefits very quickly. Your return on investment should be measured in weeks, not months or years.  Too many CRM systems fail to deliver because what sounded good on paper turns out to be too hard to use, requires your team to do more data entry and ends up increasing your team's workload.

A CRM system must deliver productivity.  It must reduce the workload rather than increase it.   That's what we focus on. Of course we use Legrand CRM in our own business; we couldn’t do what we do without it.


Legrand CRM was born as a desktop application in 2003 and during the 2000's won several awards including "Best Small Business CRM" and "Best QuickBooks Add-On solution".   In 2013 we released the web and cloud editions of Legrand CRM.

The cloud edition is a best-in-class cloud CRM for businesses that want the convenience of having their data and applications managed in the cloud.  Legrand Cloud CRM is easy to use, easy to configure and integrates tightly with online accounting systems.

The desktop edition is for businesses that want the full power and performance of a desktop application together with the flexibility to integrate Legrand CRM with other business applications on their network, create custom workflows and the ability to build custom apps that access our MS SQL database.    Mobile teams are supported either via a terminal server solution or the Web edition. For more information on our desktop solution go to

The web edition is for mid-sized businesses that manage their own IT and internet infrastructure. They run the powerful Legrand CRM desktop edition in the head office and use the Legrand CRM Web edition, running on their web server on their premises, to provide their mobile teams with live access to the corporate CRM database at head office.   Some call this a private cloud solution.